Procrastination has failed me..yet again!

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New band site and our May 10th show

Hi all -
With the help from a dear friend, our new band website is up and is looking very good. Please feel free to check it out and sign up for our mailing list.

We'll be posting video interviews in the next few months and some surprises so please bookmark the site and keep checking.

Yesterday afternoon we played at the "Wayfarers of the Gypsy mansion" event which was held at the Little Red Studio in Seattle.
Thanks to the promoters of the show. This was such a nice change from the usual club gig.
We introduced two new songs to rock out the set with.
Euphoria Astray and Hypatia. Both seemed to be received well and generated some nice compliments. :)

We had merchandise to sell (finally) including T-Shirts, Buttons and Stickers. We'll be looking to sell T-Shirts online so please check out the new sites store. (Coming soon)

Thanks to all for coming out and we'll see you soon.

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Congrads on the step-up in visibility and technology! Someday I'll visit and be able to see a show.


Онлайн порно (

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